Version 0.9.5

Biggest Update Yet!

- Added Full Co-op/Multiplayer in Campaign

- Can customise controls in Campaign

- Added Smooth Animations / Other UI Improvements to Main Menu and Pause Menu

- Added Tank Commanding function by pressing Q (Tell your Allies to retreat, assault, stay still etc)

- Made a use for the coins as now you can buy random gun chests through-out the levels

-Updated many of the cutscenes as-well as the overall story.

- Finished adding Tank-Medals for Missions: 02, 03 and 04

- Finished Mission 04

- Reworked AI mechanics from scratch

- A reward for 100% game

- Weapon Balancing

- Fixed Duplication bug when loading a save file

- Over 170+ Bugs fixed / and other awesome improvements


Attack Beyond - 111 MB
Apr 16, 2019

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Good to see patches coming through quickly

your my top fan, well the only fan ha

I want some merch

I want some merch


Great content in this update


yay - IGN